Building leadership skills

Designed by women for women, Lead is a leadership program to address gender disparity faced by women at work. Our ambition is provide concrete tools to enable Lead participants to be more successful in their careers and become the leaders of tomorrow. The Lead program tools include a podcast series, an e-learning course and in-person training workshop.

Workshops that break down workplace barriers

Even in today's modern workplace, women face many barriers, including lower pay for equivalent positions, unconscious bias, and low numbers of women in senior positions.

Our in-person training workshops are designed by women for women, and help them address gender disparity issues in their work environments.

  • Explore the issues

    Gain a deeper understanding of gender disparity and how it manifests in the work environment.

  • Develop approaches

    Use practical exercises and tools to address and overcome self-imposed personal barriers and systemic barriers that exist in the workplace.

  • Expand their network

    Identify and connect with peers, sponsor and mentors who can support your career.

  • Build Confidence

    Understand the different Leadership and Communication styles and learn what works best for you.

Learning from leaders

Tune into the Lead podcast series, where we invite guests to share their experiences, tips and practical insights on leadership and personal growth. New episode updates every two weeks.

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  • Grab an Infographic

    The Lead Infographics are easy to read one page reference guides on Leadership Skills, Communication Skills and the 5 Year Plan.

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  • Primer e-Learning Lessons

    Primer is a fast, easy way to learn new business and digital marketing skills with bite sized lessons about leadership and building a successful business.

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Opportunity for women brings benefits for everyone

We know when women realize the benefits of information, they create opportunities to learn, succeed, and be heard - not just for themselves, but for their families, communities, and society.

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