When women prosper, everyone prospers

With access to information - and the knowledge, technology, and tools to make the most of it - women don’t just thrive, they change the world around them. Let's help erase gender gaps and accelerate prosperity, because when women prosper we all prosper.

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  • Digital Literacy

    More than half of all women still lack access to the online world. And in rural India, only 1 in 10 internet users is a woman. To help close this gap, we partnered with Tata Trusts to launch the Internet Saathi program. We provide women in rural India with access to internet-enabled devices and offer them training on how to find the information they need. They then become Saathis, able to train their community and neighboring villages.

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  • Workplace

    Globally, only 54% of working-age women take part in the in the formal economy, on average, compared with 81% of men. In Japan, 1 of 2 women stop working after childbirth, largely due to an inflexible work culture that requires long working hours. Together with 1,000 partner companies and people, we advocate, train, and implement programs for a more inclusive workplace and society to bring women back to the work force.

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  • Entrepreneurship

    Women make up half the world’s working-age population but generate only 37% of GDP. In Indonesia women own 43% of small businesses, but are estimated to contribute only 9% of country's GDP. We support women entrepreneurs by providing skill development programs and networking events where they can share knowledge and experiences to grow their businesses and community.

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  • Leadership

    Today, the average representation of women on boards is only 14%. And there is a significant disparity between how much women and men are paid - in OECD countries, women earn an average of 15% less than men. Our Lead program brings female professionals together to learn from each other and help them break down barriers in their work environments.

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Supporting our partners

Learn how our partners are erasing gender gaps through innovative programs that support women and communities around the world, and how you can help.

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    Local expression, global impact

    Kounila from Cambodia

    When I was 17, a friend dragged me into an internet cafe in Phnom Penh, and that’s where I discovered blogging. After I graduated from college, I was invited to Europe, Russia, Africa and around Asia to set up blogging and social media platforms for youth-related events. Blogging has also helped me to find work writing and translating, and enables me to speak out about issues that matter to me and other people. I think this is one of the most interesting things that happens in this internet era. The internet has changed my life in a gradual but meaningful way, and I can see it happening to others too.

    WeLearn, UN Women’s online learning platform for girls and women

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  • Skills for the future

    Afsana from India

    Girls in Afsana’s family are not allowed to study after ninth grade. Despite the pressure to drop out, Afsana joined FAT’s (Feminist Approach to Technology) Tech Center to continue her studies, where she learned basic technical skills and deepened her understanding of women’s rights issues. She moved on to level two of the program, which is focused on learning photography and filmmaking to campaign against early and forced marriage in her community. She remains steadfast in her commitment to pursuing higher education and a future career in science and technology. Through participating in various FAT projects, Afsana has become self-confident and a vocal advocate for women’s rights not only in her family but also in her community.

    Global Fund for Women’s technology initiative improves access to and control of technology for women and girls

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  • Social media for social change

    Libudsuroy from the Philippines

    “Since participating in World Pulse’s digital changemaker training program, my writings were discovered online and my career expanded. I got speaking engagements, grants, and was commissioned to lead research projects on women and peacebuilding, food security, and climate change.” Libudsuroy is an independent journalist, researcher and organizer whose reporting raises the voices of indigenous women in conflict-wracked Mindanao. Gaining insights from her own experience as a person living with a mental disorder, she is also a strong advocate for ending discrimination against the mentally challenged and their families. Through online training and networking on World Pulse, she has amplified her work to impact 500,000 women and girls.

    World Pulse, a social network connecting women worldwide for change

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Womenwill /today

The Womenwill /today conference explores game-changing ways we can erase gender gaps and accelerate prosperity. Hear from regional and global thought leaders and women around the world who are coming together to learn, grow, make their voices heard, and change our future for the better.

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Data & insights

We surveyed thousands of women to learn what the internet means to them. By gleaning country specific insights we can build better ways to connect women to technology.