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The Lead podcast series provides true life stories from women leaders who share their leadership journeys, career paths, and personal growth. Focusing on themes of self-evolution with practical tips and insights, this series is designed to share actionable ideas on how women can start to be more successful in their careers and become the leaders of tomorrow.

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Tune into the Lead podcast series, where we invite guests to share their experiences, tips, and practical insights on leadership and personal growth. New episode updates every two weeks.

Episode 12 - Women and power

Colleen Bracken

Join us as we speak with Colleen Bracken about the differences between how men and women perceive power, and how to seize and establish power early in your career. We also talk discuss imposter syndrome, how it can impact women as they rise in their careers, and how to encourage women who are looking ahead to the top to powerfully negotiate for themselves, even when it gets uncomfortable.

Colleen has witnessed the often-tenuous relationship that women have with their own power, and she is dedicated to helping all of us transform that so we can use our power to lead ever more confidently and positively.

Raised in a family of leaders and coaches, Colleen’s exposure to the importance of leadership and coaching set her up for a life in the field of Organizational Dynamics and Leadership Development. Established in 2003, Bracken Leadership has become a go-to resource for executive coaching, team development, and all forms of breakthrough conversations for organizations including The Wharton Business School, GlaxoSmithKline, and University of Pennsylvania Hospital System.


Episode 11 - Just do it (But don’t say ‘just’)

Ellen Petry Leanse

Join us as we speak with Ellen Petry Leanse, who shares her illustrious journey in her career so far and how it has influenced her work today. We discuss how tech has changed the way we interact, how to champion more women in STEM and strike a gender balance, and the importance of removing ‘just’ from our vocabulary and the implications it puts on women vs. men.

Innovation coach and tech pioneer Ellen Petry Leanse has spent 35 years working with extraordinary leaders at Apple, Google, Facebook, and with dozens of tech startups. Today, combining decades of perspective with insights from neuroscience, design and mindfulness practice, Ellen guides companies and individuals to “think different” about life satisfaction, relationships, impact, and the paths that build them. An author, Stanford instructor, and respected Silicon Valley influencer, Ellen is passionate about intentional living and how our brains can shape or interfere with our sense of purpose. Her book “The Happiness Hack” has just been released and is a brain-aware guide to life satisfaction.


Episode 10 - Charting your own course

Barbara Nelson

In this episode, we speak with Barbara Nelson about succeeding in the male dominated fields of tech and engineering and her advice on encouraging and inspiring young women to enter STEM. We also discuss the importance of influencers (both mentors and champions) to coach you, show you the ropes and empower you to seek out opportunities.

Barbara has been the CEO of two start-ups and has grown businesses from zero to over $100 million four times in three different companies. Currently GM and Vice President at Western Digital, an industry-leading provider of storage technologies and solutions, she is building a new consumer cloud services business at Western Digital. Prior, she grew new categories in markets ranging from entertainment video to enterprise security, and has led large, mature businesses as President of Quantum’s DLT Tape Group. She began her career as an engineer at Intel.


Episode 9 - A blueprint for leaders

Helen Pak

Join us as we sit down with Helen Pak, who walks us through her career path and the various choices she has made. In this episode, Helen talks about what it was like to switch between different careers and ways she was able to overcome challenges in each stage of her career.

Helen’s career initially began as an architect. But her experience ranges from working as CCO and CEO at Havas Worldwide Canada, leading creative at Saatchi & Saatchi, to being the country lead for Facebook’s Creative Shop. Today, she is the Chief Creative Officer at Grey, and is also the creative lead within the group’s many offices and sister agencies.


Episode 8 - Finding your home

Jordan Doucette

More often than not, our career paths are not as straight-forward as it seems. In this episode, Jordan Doucette shares her professional journey in the agency world and how she was able to climb the ranks at Taxi, an ad agency in Toronto, and ultimately make it her ‘home’.

Jordan has been in advertising for many years but was able to settle in quickly at Taxi. Within 8 years there, she rose from copywriter to Chief Creative Officer and General Manager, where she has won accolades at every major award show, including Cannes, The Clios, and The One Show.


Episode 7 - The entrepreneurial dream

Kat Cole

Join us as Kat Cole shares her story of the American and entrepreneurial dream. Moving up from a humble childhood, to Hooters waitress at 18, to restaurant executive by 26 and global chain president by 31, Kat is now considered a leader in change management, community engagement, brand building and leadership.


Episode 6 - The cereal juggler

Wendy Davidson

In this episode, we discuss the hot button issue of work / life balance. What does this mean in an age where our phones are glued to us at all times, keeping us reachable at all hours by call, text or email? Are we balancing anything or are we just sitting at the dinner table, not really present, waiting for the next email?

We’re joined by Wendy Davidson, Company Division President and General Manager of Kelloggs, who shares her snackable words of wisdom on how to balance all the roles we play and feel present at the same time.


Episode 5 - Swimming with business sharks

Theresa Moore

Sometimes we get locked down in our thinking, we only see what's in front of us and can't see other opportunities around us. It can be difficult to gain perspective, learn your limits and know what you are capable of achieving, especially when you’re surrounded by sharks. The business kind. In this episode, Theresa Moore shares how her journey helped her gain perspective, and that the key to diving in head first is to remember to breathe.


Episode 4 - Keep passion alive in both work and life

Sarah Liu

One of the most important things is learning how to keep your passion at the center of your career choices. In this episode, Sarah explains how to look at our career trajectory and encourages us to think about our careers as a portfolio of experiences.


Episode 3 - Leadership lessons from the field

Mia Mora

Mia Mora played division 1 soccer, and the lessons she learned on the field have shaped her success at Google. Mia shares her insights on leadership and the emotional commitment needed to bring out the best in your team.


Episode 2: Instilling confidence & owning your greatness

Brooks Bell

Self-doubt can inhibit your growth. In this episode, Brooks Bell shares her three secrets to moving beyond negative labels we ascribe ourselves and into the life you seek. She shares her personal triumph over an incredibly awkward childhood and the self-revelations that led her to being a leader in the emerging industry of conversion optimization.


Episode 1: Journey minded leadership

Elise Mitchell

Life is a journey, enjoy the ride. How do we stay focused on our ultimate goals while enjoying the journey? Elise Mitchell shares how learning to ride a motorcycle taught her the journey mindset. Pulling lessons from her recent book on leadership, Elise provides us with practical tips and road-tested advice.