Building leadership skills

Our Lead program aims to help erase gender gaps by increasing leadership opportunities for women.

Women at the early stages of their careers take part in one-day leadership development curriculum designed to help them develop the skills to advance in their professions, expand their networks, and change their businesses for the better.

  • Workshops that break down workplace barriers

    Even in today's modern workplace, women face many barriers, including lower pay for equivalent positions, unconscious bias, and low numbers of women in senior positions.

    Our in-person training workshops are designed by women for women, and help them address gender disparity issues in their work environments.

  • Explore the issues

    Gain a deeper understanding of gender disparity, and how these manifest in their work environment

  • Develop approaches

    Use practical exercises and tools to address and overcome self-imposed personal barriers and systemic barriers that exist in the workplace

  • Expand their network

    Identify and connect with peers, sponsors and mentors who can support their career.

Learning from leaders

Tune into the Lead podcast series, where we invite guests to share their experiences, tips and practical insights on leadership and personal growth. New episode updates every two weeks.

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