What's the advantage of having a set of best practices for running a meeting?

"My manager says it's important we have best practices for running meetings. But I wonder how effective they are, and how they will impact my workload."


Ensure people understand how the best practices improve efficiency and make their job easier.

Having best practices for running meetings not only makes meetings shorter, it also makes other tasks more efficient, benefitting individuals and the company overall.

It's important managers ensure team members understand the advantages of having best practices so they will be motivated to follow them.


Research found that companies who implemented best practices to run meetings saw a greater awareness of being efficient in day-to-day work as well.

For more information, refer to page 40 of the Work Culture Reform Playbook (Japanese only PDF).

Detailed data


Review best practices regularly, and keep reminding team members of their importance.

It's important to review best practices regularly and ensure everyone is following them.

An email reminder isn't enough. Put up posters in meeting rooms, have copies on the shared server, and reiterate them at the start of each meeting.

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