Do I really need to attend this meeting?

"I understand the benefit of having everyone in the meeting to ensure we are all on the same page. But do I really need to be here? The agenda seems irrelevant to my work, and I haven't said a word."


Review the agenda to see if you need to attend the meeting.

Before the meeting, check the agenda, and let the organizer know if you think you don't need to attend.

Managers can also let team members know they aren't expected to attend all meetings.

After the meeting, share the minutes with those who weren't there via email or on a shared server if necessary.


Companies who sent the meeting agenda beforehand, and reviewed who should attend, reduced the personnel cost of the meeting by three quarters.

For more information, refer to page 38 of the Work Culture Reform Playbook (Japanese only PDF).

Detailed data


Calculate the true cost of a meeting.

You can determine the true cost of a meeting by calculating the hourly rate of each attendee.

This will help you figure out who really needs to be at the meeting. Managers and team members will also have a better understanding of the cost of their time and the cost of having a meeting.

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