We've discussed this before.

"I think we've discussed this in a previous meeting. Does anyone remember? Oh well, I'll just work on something else then."


Prior to the meeting share the agenda so everyone can check and add to it.

By sharing and editing the same agenda, everyone will know what will be discussed at the meeting, and will therefore will be more focussed on the issues.

For issues that weren't resolved during the meeting, make a note and assign next steps to someone to complete before the next meeting.


Attendees reported concentrating more during meetings when best practices, such as taking meeting minutes, were implemented.

For more information, refer to page 40 of the Work Culture Reform Playbook (Japanese only PDF).

Detailed data


Make someone responsible for each agenda item.

On the meeting minutes you can use comments to assign responsibility for a task or issue. When adding a comment, include the email address of the person responsible, and they will receive an email notification.

First check if your system has this functionality set up.

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