How can we avoid long meetings or meetings that run overtime?

"In my meetings, we take too long to discuss the agenda items, and the meeting always runs overtime. My manager has asked me to tighten up how I run meetings. What should I do?"


Share an agenda in advance and assign necessary roles.

Before the meeting organizers can share the agenda with attendees via email or a shared calendar.

At the start of the meeting, choose a facilitator and a timekeeper. A facilitator leads the meeting, and a timekeeper makes sure the meeting doesn't run overtime.

This will make meetings shorter and more efficient.


After implementing better practices, such as sharing the agenda beforehand, two thirds of meetings were shorter. On average, meeting durations were reduced by 21.2%.

For more information, refer to page 38 of the Work Culture Reform Playbook (Japanese only PDF).

Detailed data


Don't try to resolve every issue in the meeting.

One of the benefits of having a meeting is gathering everyone together. So take the opportunity to discuss issues that need everyone's input.

Don't try to resolve all the issues in a meeting. Rather, prioritize the issues that need discussion and input from everyone present. Then use email or other social networking services to follow up on the rest of the issues.

This approach will improve the efficiency of meetings and work in general.

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