Scheduling meetings and travelling long distances to attend one takes a lot of time.

"Sometimes the meetings I have to attend go for 3 hours, including travel time. Also, the organizer has to contact attendees individually via email or phone. It takes too much time and effort."


Share calendars and hold the meeting via video conference.

By sharing calendars, an organizer can quickly and easily check attendees availability, book meetings and know who will attend.

Having the meeting via video conference is useful when attendees are in different locations. It saves travel time and transportation costs.


After trialing using technology to improve meeting efficiency, most people found using a shared calendar to arrange meetings was very helpful.

For more information, refer to the Future Workstyle Trial 2016 #02 Work Simply - Reduce Unnecessary Process Around Meeting: Questionnaire Results (Japanese only PDF).

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Keep meetings short so they're easier to reschedule if need be.

Trying to reschedule a 2-hour meeting can be difficult. To make meetings more efficient and rescheduling easier, keep them to around 30 minutes.

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