What's wrong with spending so much time at the office?

"I'm single and I don't have anything to do when I go home. It's good if managers and other colleagues who have children can go home early, but I'm happy to work late."


Understanding the benefits of working shorter hours.

Having personal time is beneficial for married and single people. Single people can use their personal time meaningfully, for example to pursue other interests or for self development.

Work culture reform only works if all team members believe in it. Managers can explain how it benefits team members who don't think it benefits them.


Both married and single people who used a calendar to set a time to go home realised the benefits. Married people used their extra time to spend with family and friends, and single people used it to pursue their other interests.

For details, refer to page 56 of the Work Reform Promotion Playbook (Japanese only PDF).

Detailed data


Changing the perception of working long hours.

One of the reasons working long hours is so common is because people believe it's valued by the company.

Changing the perception of value from 'length of time' to 'ability' will help to change the practice.

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