If I don't work overtime, the quality of my work will drop.

I'm worried I won't have time to create presentation materials properly if I don't work overtime. My managers and other senior colleagues also need to check them, which adds time. I'm told to go home early, but I think I need to work overtime to maintain the quality of my work.


Share presentation materials and use a shared calendar to schedule review times.

By sharing presentation materials, people can edit and review the presentation materials at the same time. This makes the process more efficient as there's no need for version control or compiling information from multiple documents into one.

You can also schedule when people will edit or review the document to make the process even more efficient.


Of those who trialed leaving home at a fixed time, the percentage of people who were concerned the quality of their work would decrease dropped from 18.5% to just 4.1%.

For details, refer to the Future Workstyle Trial 2016 #03 Work Shorter - Going Home at the Fixed Time - Pre / Post Questionnaire Results (Japanese only PDF).

Detailed data


Sharing schedules creates a stronger team.

Decide standards for scheduling to make it easy for everyone to understand each other's schedules.

For example: ○ = meeting, ● = out of office, ◎ = on a business trip.

Also, check and update your schedule each day so it stays up-to-date.

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