I can't leave the office because a last minute request or task has come up.

"Whenever I need to leave early to pick up my children from daycare, I receive a last minute request from my manager. I feel uncomfortable saying no to my manager. What can I do?"


Add the time you will leave work into your calendar.

Add the time you'll leave the office into your calendar, and share your calendar with team members and your manager. This will help your manager understand when you're available to complete tasks.

Managers can also ask team members to mark private time on their calendars with a "P". This will help create an environment where team members feel comfortable about going home at a reasonable time.


Employees of companies where the employees left the office even a little earlier reported that overtime decreased in all departments, and an enviroment where it was acceptable to go home earlier was created.

For more details, refer to the Future Workstyle Trial 2016 #03 Work Shorter - Going Home at the Fixed Time - Pre / Post Questionnaire Results (Japanese only PDF).

Detailed data


Create guidelines so everyone feels comfortable.

People may be uncomfortable about sharing their calendars with others. However the practice only works if everyone does it. By discussing and agreeing on guidelines beforehand, everyone can feel comfortable and will be more likely to follow them.

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