If I don't work overtime, I won't be able to take any days off.

"My manager has told me not to work overtime but I would like to take a day off at the end of the month. If I go home early, I won't finish my work. I will have too much to do, and won't be able to take the time off. What am I supposed to do?"


Plan for the long term by creating a weekly and monthly schedule.

Add personal commitments, such as family events, into your calendar. Then create a daily, weekly and monthly work schedule. This will give you an overview of your workload, and let you prioritize and schedule tasks so you can complete them, and still take the time off when you need to.

To help team members leave work on time, managers can offer tips like this to help them manage their time.


Amongst those who set a time to leave the office, a high porportion also adjusted their weekly or monthly schedule so they could take time off.

For details, refer to page 57 of the Work Culture Reform Playbook (Japanese only PDF).

Detailed data


Tasks may take longer than expected, so add in buffer time.

Rather than scheduling everything so your day is full leave some free time to finish tasks that might take longer than anticipated, or to accomodate new tasks that come up unexpectedly.

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