I can't go home because no one else has the information to do my job.

"I can't leave before my subordinates because there are things they don't know, and they need to ask me. Also, if a customer contacts us with a query, it's unprofessional if there is no one in the office that can help them. I really don't see how I can go home on time."


Share information related to your job with others.

Share relevant project and job information with colleagues and clients so everyone can access it whenever they need to. This will mean everyone can work more efficiently.

When creating or editing shared documents, or writing up work processes, be detailed. Make it clear and easy for others to understand.


Those who participated in a trial of setting a time to leave the office in their calendar reported that having a schedule also helped them to better under the scope of their work and to set meetings.

For details, refer to page 58 of the Work Culture Reform Playbook (Japanese only PDF).

Detailed data


Use consistent language

When putting details in to a shared calendar or meetings into your calendar, use confirmed or tentative to indicate the status. Also set a start and end time for the day. This gives everyone a quick overview of what's on the schedule.

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