How can I still spend time with my children even when I'm away on a trip or busy?

"I often take business trips and cannot see my children for a long time. When I'm away, I can call them but my youngest child isn't talking much yet. I feel very far away from my family."


Use video chat.

Say good night to your children via video chat.

For young children who aren't talking yet, using video chat means you can talk and see each other. You can feel closer to your family, even when busy at work.


According to a survey, 85.3% of professionals who were married with children reported wanting to spend more time with their children, even if they were very busy at work. 69% said they would use technology that allowed them to talk to their children while on business trips or working late, if it was available.

For details, refer to the Fact-Finding Survey on Workstyle Reform (Japanese only PDF).

Detailed data


Use a photo app to easily share photos.

Why not create a photo album with an app? You'll be able to see your children from even when you're busy or away. You'll feel close to your family even when you're not with them in person.

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