How to easily share important information about the children.

"Last week, we received a letter from the school about an upcoming event and what our child needed to bring for it. My wife was working late and I had to arrange things but I couldn't find the letter."


Keep the information on a shared drive.

Save important documents and information on a shared drive so you both can access it anytime from the computer and your mobile. You could also share things like documents to manage household finances. This will help ensure important information is always accessible.


In a survey only 22.1% of married professionals said they used a cloud service to share information, such as school documents, with their spouse while 64.5% said they would like to.

For details, refer to the Fact-Finding Survey on Workstyle Reform (Japanese only PDF).

Detailed data


Keep soft copies of documents.

It's convenient to keep important family documents or information that might be needed in an emergency on a shared server. It's easy to photograph, scan and upload the information so you can both access it.

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