Who should pick up the children?

"We usually take turns to pick up our youngest child from nursery, but sometimes something at work comes up and I can't, or the nursery calls to say our child is sick and needs to go home straight away. Everyday is very hectic."


Create a shared calendar with your partner.

Share a calendar with your husband that includes both your work and personal schedules. Include things like important work presentations, business trips and work dinners. This way it will be easier to see who is available to pick up the children.

By including who will pick up the children each day in your schedule, it will be easier to arrange things around it.


Husbands who share a calendar with their wife spend more time on daily household chores compared to men who don't.

For details, refer to the Survey Results of Working Couples (Japanese only PDF).

Detailed data


Be considerate of each other.

When adding tasks or events to the calendar, use abbreviations such as [CONFIRMED] when something is confirmed, or [TBC] when something needs to be confirmed. This gives you an overview.

When updating your schedule, be considerate of the other person and what's on their schedule.

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