How can I know if working from home is beneficial?

"A team member has tried working from home but I haven't got feedback on their experience. I want everyone in the team to hear the feedback, and to try working from home also."


Get feedback from people who have tried working from home.

Team members who have worked from home can share their experience and explain what worked and what didn't work.

By collecting specific feedback, managers and team members can discuss the experience of working from home and how to improve productivity.


After using technology to work from home, the percentage of employees (who aren't managers) felt they could concentrate better at home, as compared to in the office, unexpectedly rose from 22.9% to 54.9%.

For more information, refer to page 25 of the Work Style Reform Promotion Guide (Japanese only PDF).

Detailed data


Don't rush to conclusions on whether working from home is effective.

Aim to have all team members work from home at least once before deciding whether or not it's suitable for your team.

Once all team members have worked from home, they will be more comfortable with the concept.

For it to be successful in your workplace, use technology and adjust work-from-home practices according to the needs of the team. You can also listen and incorporate feedback from other teams who have tried it.

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