Can I work on group projects from home?

"The team needs to create a proposal together. However one member is working from home so we'll need to send the proposal to them separately via email. This seems inefficient."


Use a shared server to work on documents.

By saving files on a shared server, someone working from home can edit a document at the same time as people in the office.

Using technology such as shared servers means you can maintain productivity when working from home.


By using technology to work from home, employees reported that if they could create and share documents, and communicate with colleagues at the same time they could maximise their work output.

For more information, refer to page 26 of the Work Style Reform Promotion Guide (Japanese only PDF).

Detailed data


Use comments to capture feedback.

The comment tool allows you capture everyone's feedback on a document. With comments, you can ask questions or make notes alongside the main content so nothing is missed.

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