How can I access confidential documents from home?

"A team member needs to work on confidential documents from home. But I don't really want to copy the documents onto a USB stick. What else can we do?"


Save documents on a shared, secure server.

Saving documents on a shared, secure server means team members can access confidential information remotely. This will avoid situations where team members can't work because they don't have access to the documents they need. It will also avoid sensitive information accidently being leaked from home.

Managers will need to check the company's security rules and server settings.


After using technology to work from home, the number of employees who were concerned with leaking sensitive information when working from home dropped from 20.6% to 4.3%.

For more information, refer to the Future Work Style Trial 2016 #01 Work Anywhere: Work From Home Trial Questionnaire (Japanese only PDF).

Detailed data


Adjust the security level of a document to what's appropriate.

When saving a document to the server, you can decide who can view and/or edit it. Double check you've set the correct permissions.

Also name your documents so it's easy for others to understand what they are. Set naming rules so documents are named consistently.

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