How can we keep track of someone's work hours and progress?

"How can we evaluate a team member's performance when they are not in the office? We don't know if the team member is working or relaxing when they are at home."


Update your calendar with your work hours, and progress and share it with your team.

Managers can encourage team members to share their calendar with others.

Team members can update their calendar with the days they are working from home, the tasks they are working on, and if they are available to be contacted.

Setting rules, such as booking 'work from home days' in advance, is also helpful.


After using technology to work from home, the number of those who felt they couldn't track the work progress of someone who was working from home dropped from 35.3% to 21.7%.

For more information, refer to page 24 of the Work Culture Reform Playbook (Japanese only PDF).

Detailed data


Some people may not be comfortable with others knowing their schedule. However team members can create guideliness on what should be included on their calendars.

By following the guidelines, everyone will feel more comfortable. Managers can also check in to see if team members are following the guidelines.

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