Kutakatik Art & Craft Class

Cultivating creativity

Raya Pradiono and Kyra Pradiono

Raya and Kyra Pradiono are sisters, artists, crafters, and owners of the Kutakatik Arts & Crafts Class in Jakarta. Inspired by their studies and work experience in design and art, Raya and Kyra set up their business in 2008, and while they didn’t have a lot of experience running a business, they knew they wanted to help children explore their creativity.

Raya Pradiono and Kyra Pradiono
Raya Pradiono and Kyra Pradiono

Owners and founders of Kutakatik Art & Craft Class

“Kutakatik means to make something with your hands from materials you find around you, ” says Raya.

The school runs a diverse range of classes from drawing and painting to cooking and even rung dance and yoga classes, and for both children and mothers.“We teach children as many different art forms as we can, and use as much recycled materials as we can,” “These things can become valuable skills in the future. It’s more about the children becoming confident and happy,” Raya says. “We provide guidance through the lessons, but at the same time we give them freedom to express themselves,” Kira adds.

When we first started Kutakatik, we took a gamble.

The endeavour began when Kyra had discovered an art school in the US that taught drawing, dancing, music, yoga and many other art forms. Inspired by its holistic curriculum, Kyra returned to Indonesia and the sisters began their own school. “When we first started Kutakatik, we took a gamble,” Kyra says. ”We started it just because we like arts and crafts, we like children, and we like to teach in a homey atmosphere instead of an office.”

As they set up Kutakatik, the sisters turned to both the Internet and their family for help. They gathered as much knowledge as they could by researching online, watching how-to videos on YouTube and browsing other schools’ websites. They also had an aunt with a lot of experience in business operations, who helped them set up the school, the classrooms and to manage the finances.

Digital tools support the management and promotion of the school’s ‘hands-on’ classes. Online tools like Google My Business reduces the number of calls and emails requesting the school’s location and class schedules because parents can find the information easily online, meaning Kyra and Raya have more time to concentrate on their classes. The school also uses email and social media to announce new classes and timetables to parents.

I feel that in the next five years, more mothers or women can work independently.

“I’m not too dependent on technology like my handphone or laptop,” Raya says, “but I realize it’s necessary and helpful in this digital age.” When Kyra had her first child, she was able to work from home when she needed to. She sees this type of flexibility as something that’s changing how women in Indonesia approach their work. “In general, I feel that in the next five years, more mothers or women can work independently. More women will grow and work by themselves, and not be dependent. In this era, everything’s easier, and you can do anything as long as you have the courage to do so and be ready to face the consequences.”

Most of all, they learned by doing, through trial and error. Their gamble paid off - today, Kutakatik hosts 150-200 students and around 20 freelance teachers. In the future, the sisters hope to grow Kutakatik to grow and run more classes that connect art and children.

And for fellow women business owners, the sisters have one piece of advice, “be brave.”

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