Creating new opportunities, online and off

Women own more than half of the small businesses in Indonesia, and have a huge impact on the economy and society. Every day more and more women are connecting to information, and using technology and digital tools to create new ways to diversify and grow their businesses. They’re inspiring one another, shaping their communities, and helping Indonesia prosper.

Connecting women
business owners

The Womenwill conference series: events across 5 cities that bring women entrepreneurs together to inspire each other, share knowledge, and learn how digital tools can help their businesses grow.

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Stories from entrepreneurs

  • Papyrus Photo, Celebrate, Let’s Go Gelato

    Building businesses based on passion

    Aprilia Melissa Kristiawan Tarigan
    Women can compete very well in the internet arena because of access to information through technology.

    Aprilia built her photo store business fueled by a passion for photography, then used her love of food to branch out into a restaurant and café brand.

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  • Suwe Ora Jamu

    Keeping the jamu tradition alive

    Nova Dewi Setiabudi Mathovani
    Women can teach other women to progress, become more independent, and to have more time for themselves.

    Nova Dewi Setiabudi Mathovani's café brings the traditional Indonesian drink, jamu, to younger generations. And she’s using digital tools to help manage and grow her business.

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