Two in three women in Japan don’t return to work after becoming mothers. Together with 1,000 partner companies, Womenwill helps transform ways of working to make workplace practices more inclusive. To date, the initiative has reached more than 300K women and more than one million employees.

Seeking more work-life balance

With the majority of Japanese women continuing to bear the primary responsibility for household duties, most don’t see an improvement in their work-life balance in the past year, compared to other women in the broader APAC region. Also, more working-age Japanese women do not want to work at all.

Japan Australia Korea
Yes 20% 5% 3%

Percentage of working-age women (25-34) who do not want to work.

Japan APAC
Yes 15% 33%

Assessment of work-life balance compared to one year ago.

Women Men
Yes 87% 7%

Who holds primary responsibility for household duties.