Womenwill currently supports unique programs in these countries, and we plan to reach out to more women in more countries in 2018.

  • Brazil


    The unemployment rate in Brazil is 29% higher among women than men. The country's GDP could be 30% larger if women participated in the labor market at the same rate as men. Through online and offline trainings in digital tools and confidence building, Womenwill helps Brazilian women create their own economic opportunity and help Brazil prosper.

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  • India


    Though India has the world's second-largest internet population, only 30% of users are women (​IMRB's I Cube Report 2017​). A partnership with Tata Trusts, Internet Saathi is a digital literacy program that helps bridge the skills gap, training “Saathis” so they can train others, and ultimately get more women online.

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  • Indonesia


    Women own almost half of the small and medium-sized businesses in Indonesia. Through training in digital tools and skills-sharing programs, they’re growing their businesses, shaping their communities, and helping Indonesia prosper.

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  • Japan


    Two in three women in Japan don’t return to work after becoming mothers. Together with 1,000 partner companies, Womenwill helps transform ways of working to make workplace practices more inclusive. To date, the initiative has reached more than 300K women and more than one million employees.

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  • Mexico


    Three out of five new SMBs in Mexico are led by women, yet those businesses generate 44% less sales than the ones led by men. Through training in digital tools and skills sharing programs, women business owners are growing their businesses, shaping their communities, and helping Mexico prosper.

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