Opportunity for women brings benefits for everyone

Gender gaps persist in many aspects of home and work life, in many different parts of the world. But what would happen if we could erase them? According to research by McKinsey, advancing women’s equality could increase the global GDP $12 to 28 trillion by 2025.

As part of making the world’s information accessible and useful to everyone, we want to level the playing field for women, which leads to economic benefits not just for themselves, but for their families, communities, and society.

Google started the Womenwill initiative to create economic opportunity for women by connecting them to the online world and tools to make the most of it. From helping women in rural villages get online and bringing together women entrepreneurs, to advocating for more inclusive workplaces and partnering with groups like UN Women to drive conversations around gender equality, we develop and support programs to help women build skills, get inspired, and connect with each other.